Now this is something I am super passionate about, probably equally as much as my own actually.

I set Mooeys up to be a household brand. I didn’t create Mooeys to be a one salon wonder, I want to see a Mooeys on the high street of every market town throughout the UK. I want to see the brand go international and I want us to be known as the place to go when you want Nail or Waxing services because we are bloody brilliant.

But I also want the same for you in whatever you choose to do. There is enough business for us all and the cream always rises to the top. There will be trends that come and go and make us feel super nervous that we are missing the boat (I always think of those bloomin’ Gara Rufa fish that popped up everywhere and made small business owners rich in a few months) or feel like we aren’t on top of things and getting on a bit (No…just me then?)

But until robots take over our industry, we are currently needed. Hands-on services are needed far and wide and we bring so much joy to people’s existence. We listen to our clients, we make people feel better in themselves and we are a friend for that moment in their day.

I know how important you are to your clients, and I want you to feel supported by me and my brand in whatever capacity that is for you. It could be on our Mooeys Pro ComMOOnity group on faceache, as part of our Franchise network where I am always available to shoot the breeze with, or via voice notes when you are struggling a bit. It could be via one of our trainers when you feel you have made a mistake, or it could be in knowing that you’re in safe hands when using our British made products. Whatever it is that makes you feel taken care of, that’s what I want to do for you as you give so much to your clients.

I know it can sound a bit corny, but I really want to bring back that old style of business support that we just don’t see in the industry that much anymore. Margins have got tighter and companies have got more commercialised I guess, but I remember when you had a dedicated account manager and could call them about anything. I remember when training was free if you took on a brands products, and I remember the freebies you used to get when you sold a shizzle load of products. I want to bring that back as best as I can as I remember it being some of the best times in our industry.

We know it’s not always the best paid work, but it’s not just about the money is it? It’s the connection, the community, collaboration and knowing your people will have your back.

I want to be cheering you on from the sidelines when you are doing brilliantly, but also holding your hand when you are struggling. I am a business of course, and the more successful you are – then the more I am too right? But also I truly give a shit and I want you to feel that in every touch point you have with any of my companies.

I only partner with people who feel the same, and I only employ people with the same values too. That way, you feel it with whoever you speak with, whoever engages with you and whoever teaches or supports you.

If you feel this level of support, I know you can go on to achieve great things and even greater success. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, make you feel like a superhuman and make you feel all the feels. Life is too short to be using crappy products and it’s definitely too short to surround yourself with even crappier, fake people too!

So, how can I help you become more successful? What do you need?

Lots of love

Amy x

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