Whenever I have created a new training programme, I have always created it for my own salons first and foremost.

I want Mooeys to be the absolute best in everything we do. Whether that’s nails, waxing or tinting. We only offer these services plus Laser in some salons as I want to be able to focus on just a few key areas of the industry and be complete masters of it. I always think back to Gordon Ramsay’s original kitchen nightmare and his advice all the time was that restaurants need to focus on one cuisine and be really fu***** good at it, rather than trying to do everything and be average or even worse – sh** at everything. When I created Mooeys that’s exactly what I had in mind and it is exactly what we have created.
So when it comes to training, I don’t want to train everything to everyone. I want to train therapists (or individuals who want to become therapists) how to wax really bloody well.

I want therapists to know everything they need to know when it comes to waxing, and things they didn’t even think they needed to know such as Fertility (Which everyone who is in the service industry should know btw).

When it comes to you and your business, if you want to build your reputation, you have to put in the work to become the Master in your chosen field – whatever that may be. Whatever you focus on, you will improve right?
So if you focus on becoming the best, it will happen and your reputation as being the go-to expert for waxing will shortly follow just by word of mouth.

But..you have to be the best, you have to put your money where your mouth is and put the graft into making sure you ARE the best. You need all of the knowledge possible which is where our training courses were born. I want all of my therapists to be the absolute bees knees at waxing, so I created the courses that I couldn’t find.

We know that a lot of the time, therapists leave college feeling really nervous about actually being let loose on clients, and if they have done a short course, then they haven’t always covered the amount of theory that is required to make them feel confident either. I wanted to bridge those gaps and create courses where you come away feeling like a superhuman full of knowledge, ready to burst and share it with the world. Training that would give you too much knowledge, and have you overflowing with info. Also, I wanted therapists to leave our courses feeling ready and raring to go, not nervous in any way.

So that’s what I did when I put our Mooeys Masters courses together. As I created them for my own salons, I put together everything that I want my team to know. Sexual health and pregnancy was always my priority, along with knowing how to deal with piercings and periods. How to deal with different hair types and understanding what can go wrong. If you know what can go wrong, you are already prepared aren’t you? And that’s where the confidence comes from…knowing how to deal with situations, or understand what you could be coming up against so there are no shocks or panicking moments.

I never created this training to be available to anyone outside of the Mooeys group in all honesty, however I really struggle with the amount of shockingly rubbish courses that are available in the industry. It really concerns me how some therapists leave college and still don’t know how to use hot wax or wax a pair of legs, and as my main mission in life is to help the industry be better, what better way than to offer my awesome training to this incredible industry I am super proud to be part of.

So if you combine excellent products with awesome knowledge – you will be mega successful in your chosen part of the industry. I can honestly say that hand on heart.
If your clients know you give a shit, then you will attract a certain client who feels the same. If you employ staff, then you will also attract people with the same values and if they don’t – well they won’t last that long.

Make sure you put the time and effort into sharing what you care about too.

Lots of Love and I look forward ton catching up with you in part 4.

Oh and I just wanted to leave this here for you as it is one of my favourite quotes of all time. I truly believe that if you become masters at what you do, then you are creating your very own beautiful butterfly garden.

Amy x

Don’t waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come.

Mario Quintana

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