So, what does this actually mean? It’s quite a statement, I agree, but I wanted to explain why I feel so strongly about you, your business and the products you use…hence why we really do give a shit!


The manufacturers that we use to produce our wax remind me regularly that I have the best quality wax that they produce (which of course I love hearing as they make the majority of the wax that is produced in the UK, U.S.A and even across Europe).

The quality is down to a combination of the resin and rubbers that are used. Ours is a natural pine resin which is why it sometimes differs in colour from batch to batch. Something that I wasn’t best pleased with at first, however, I have come to learn that if I want a super flexible wax that doesn’t snap – I need the higher quality resin and this was just one of the side effects. We could of course go down the fully man-made, synthetic route, however that’s not really my jam as I am sure you have now established.

The problem with having a higher resin ratio, is that it takes longer to set. So for anyone who uses our wax, this is the reason it feels like it takes longer. It’s only seconds, but when you are in the middle of waxing (and your client has just rushed from the school drop off, so is a bit warmer) it takes even longer, and can feel like a lifetime. I get that and we fix this with a simple tower fan. It does wonders, also a spritz of the Moo calm will also cool it down instantly.

I also believe in complete transparency, which is why I have done a couple of videos previously about a batch of wax that I wasn’t best pleased with. There are so many tests that take place before a wax gets distributed to me. They velocity, consistency and even a pin test where they literally drop a pin in the melted wax to see how long it takes to drop. (Don’t worry that’s a sample batch and not issued out, so you won’t find a random pin anytime soon).

Every manufacturer has a specific parameter that their results can fall within and the problem we had with the 2022 batch is that it fell lower within that parameter. So the way we like our wax is at one end of the scale and the new batch was right at the other end. So the manufacturer re-made some samples for us to sign off on, and reissued all of our wax with our even better version that we have in stock now.

I know that your clients care about the product that you use as much as you do. Clients don’t give a shit about gimmicks or fads, but they do care about results and quality of products and service. If a supplier tells you that you need three different types of waxes for different areas, skin types and even separate male and female waxes (don’t get me started on this!) then they are just trying to sell more to you. Surely one wax that does everything is better than having lots of different ones, no?

The same goes for your pre and post care products. Do you need separate products that have different fragrances, or are you a supplier’s dream by thinking you do? Does your client care if you have hundreds of cuticle pens flavours, or do they care that you use the best? It’s always great to talk about the products you use and share the information about them with your clients. They love to know why you have chosen the products you have, what values you have as a company or a brand, because they probably align with yours which is why they chose you in the first place. So always choose great quality products over gimmicks and quantity every time. Imagine being able to tell your client that your pre wax oil is also a post wax treatment, retail item, cuticle oil and dry skin treatment all in one. They will love the versatility of it, and if you offer a refill service aswell – they will udderly adore it and you even more. 🐮

Thanks for reading, chat soon in Part 3!

Amy x

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