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We know that there will be a million questions buzzing around, and we hate it when you have to speak to a sales person to get those questions answered.

We thought that we would try and answer anything you are thinking of as honestly as possible.
Not all franchises are suitable for everyone, and no one likes wasting time. So, by the time you have read through these, or watched our videos on the Home page (HERE if you’ve missed it) and you still have that excited feeling in your gut – then it’s definitely time to stop with the deliberating and start making some moooves 🐮

What Is The Beauty Industry Like?2024-01-04T22:48:18+00:00

It’s an incredible industry to be part of as people really care about making others feel great – which is why they are in it in the first place.
The Beauty Industry is a very creative, fun, high energy and loving industry. You will be surrounded by people who love to make a difference, who love beautiful things and who really care about how a client is doing when they are treating them.
The Beauty world is also a really safe place for all, so no need to worry about ‘fitting in’ because everyone looks mega glamorous – they tend to be lovely, inclusive humans.
In Mooeys we tend to attract the creative caring types because of the treatments we do. Think more fun and chatty than holistic for sure.

But, just like any other industry..there are pockets of arseholes too! The types of arseholes who are judgemental, prickly and snooty.
Luckily for you (and us), none of them are in the Mooeys Herd as we have a very strict, no Arsehole policy. We work with incredible people who give a damn, who want to see you succeed and love nothing more than cheering you on.

Why Should I Partner With Mooeys?2023-11-10T09:58:53+00:00

In a nutshell – Because we really care about your success!

We have been running our own successful salons for the last 10 years and know exactly what it takes to set up, launch and operate a Mooeys salon. We teach you everything we know and hold your hand along the entire journey.

Your success is our success. As corny as that sounds, it’s so bloomin’ true. So the more successful you are, the more successful the whole brand is – so let’s get cracking!

Do I Need Certain Skills/ Qualifications2023-11-09T10:44:27+00:00

Quite simply – No!

If you have a Beauty qualification, then you can deliver treatments from the offset and build your business with you working as a therapist. However this isn’t necessary as you can hire the skills that you need for the salon to run and operate.

The most important skills are time and people management in order for you to run a smooth and supportive business.
You need to really care about standards and service, and If you like to make people feel good, welcome and taken care of – then this is the Franchise for you.


Do I Have To Manage The Salon?2024-01-04T22:51:32+00:00

We would suggest that you would open with at least an Assistant Manager to help you in the day to day operation of the business, especially if you don’t have a beauty therapy background. Some of our Franchisees have Salon Managers, and Amy has Salon Managers running her salons as well.

It is completely up to you if you work in the salon day to day and manage reception and marketing etc. or have someone managing the day to day operation for you.

We also have some Franchisees who run another remote or consultancy style business from the salon, alongside running Mooeys which can be done as you won’t necessarily need to be in the salon every minute it is open, especially if you have the industry knowledge within your team.

Can I Get Funding With A Franchise2023-10-12T21:33:39+01:00

Simple answer – yes!

A lot of the high street banks prefer lending to franchisees rather than complete new start outs as it is a much safer bet for them. There is a lot less risk if people are buying into a brand that is already successful compared to someone setting up their own salon from scratch.

The statistics of a franchise succeeding in comparison to a new start up are quite something actually:

The Natwest figures back this up, indicating that over 90% of franchisees say that they are making a profit. In addition, less than 1% of franchises fail each year. In a sobering contrast, figures suggest that about 60% of non-franchise SME start-ups fail within five years.

Read more about it HERE on the Franchise UK site.

We have partnered with Natwest specifically as they are our bank, but also they love supporting the franchise industry. What this means is they have our Financial Information Memorandum (FIM for short) on their database, so have all of the approved facts and figures, plus budget sheets, business plans etc. They can see how our own salons are doing and some of our franchisees too and can make a lending decision based on all of this information. From a banks perspective, it reduces the risk to them in lending to you, so they can go up to 60% lending of your proposed total needed.

We would do a kick-arse business plan of course, and will always use actual figures (or modest forecasts as I hate to falsify figures because it’s just a disappointment to everyone) and that will all help you in securing the money you need to set up your business.


How Can I Use The Mooeys Trademarks?2023-10-12T21:24:34+01:00

When you become a franchisee, part of our contract is the right to trade using the Mooeys branding for the 5 years term of the agreement. All of our intelligent property (You will hear the terminology IP a lot in Franchising) is owned by Mooeys Franchise Limited. We have had a few trademarks in the past that were registered under Mooeys Limited, however they have mostly been moved over now. We will issue you a letter when we sign our franchise agreement to advise that any of the property owned by Mooeys can be used for Mooeys Franchise and Mooeys Franchise partners.

We have trademarked the shizzle out of everything, so you are fully protected against anyone setting up a business in the same name as yours. Our products, services and branding all have trade marks, so there will be no getting away with anyone trying to rip off our brand.
In fact, Amy is a proper mumma bear when it comes to IP of the Mooeys brand as it’s her (1st) baby and is super protective of who uses it and how the brand is represented or used.

Do I Need To Be VAT Registered As A Franchisee2023-10-12T21:16:27+01:00

Simple answer – YES

You will be taking more than 85k a year, our average salon takes about 250k – 350k a year depending on which year they are trading in.
You can offset all of your start up expenditure against your first few VAT returns anyway, and some banks offer VAT loans especially for new start up businesses for their first year as cash flow can sometimes be a bit tricky. Cashflow is a whole other subject as it really is the most crucial part of your business. You may be running at a profit, however sometimes you won’t have the cash to pay your bills if you don’t keep a beady eye on it.

Make sure you have an accountant to help you through this process, along with payroll and your end of year accounts that you will need to post on Companies House. That’s if you are a limited company of course. Learn more about that HERE.

Do I Need To Become A Limited Company As A Franchisee?2023-10-12T21:25:04+01:00

You don’t need to no, but we do suggest it as it is a much safer way to do business in our opinion.

If you work as a sole trader, then you would need to borrow money under yourself which puts you at risk personally. If you become a limited company and need to borrow for business finance, then the limited company would borrow it and you may be asked to be a guarantor. However if anything were to go wrong for whatever reason, then the business folds but you don’t as an individual.

When going into business, you have to think of all possible outcomes. It would be silly not too and as much as we love to believe in the universe and all it has to offer us, sometimes things just may not work out and we want you to be as protected as possible,

A lot of our Franchisees work with a company called tax Assist, and they have written a really great article from an accounting perspective HERE if you wanted to understand more of the financial implications.

How Long Is A Franchise Agreement For?2023-10-12T20:50:55+01:00

We always start with 5 years which is why we need to make sure we get on with each other. This is probably the most important thing as we will be working wit each other pretty closely initially, and then you will run off into the Mooeys sunset to run your salon, but we will always be in the sideline cheering you on, or at the end of a call to listen to you venting about a current situation you need to work through.

You can extend after 5 years for another 5 years providing both of us are happy with the way things are going. We don’t charge for renewal as we don’t think it’s fair to be honest. Also, your lease would normally be for 10 years, so it’s always quite nice if we can tie in your franchise agreement at the same time as your lease to keep it all clean and easy.
If you are wanting to continue with us and everything is going well, we want to you to succeed.
If you are successful then so are we!

How Much Will I Earn With A Mooeys Franchise?2024-01-04T22:53:39+00:00

Your earning potential is really down to you as an individual. I know that this is the sort of answer you were probably expecting, but if you are looking for actual figures then we will be able to show you trading figures once you meet with me and sign your NDA (yes, you really do need to sign an NDA as I am giving you lots of personal data about my company, so I need to protect myself and my brand).

There are many factors that are very much dependant on you as an individual. You can never just open a business and expect the cash to come flying in, no matter what industry or franchise you buy, (unless it’s a Mcdonalds franchise of course, which is why they cost a cool million quid).

So the factors to consider if you want to run your own successful business in ANY industry:

Grit and Determination – You need to be able to find the profit, be driven to succeed and be a true problem solver that doesn’t give up easily. You need to be a self starter and motivated to do well.

Great Leader – You don’t specifically need management experience, but you do need to be able to lead a team. This normally comes by leading from example, but also by being compassionate without being a push over, understanding yet commercially focused, and kind but professional. These really are the traits of a great leader of people and clients in a business like Mooeys.

Financially Aware – You don’t need an accountancy qualification, but to be able to understand numbers such as revenue, gross vs. net and profit, then you are good to go. You will need to appoint an accountant who will help you manage your expenses, payroll and vat returns.
You will also learn all about margins and budgeting in our Management training too which will be a huge help if it’s not part of your everyday life currently.

Great With People – You will be dealing with people day in day out when you are working in your salon. You will build great relationships with your clients and with your team, and you will create your very own community which is really magical when it happens. The salons are fun and lively environments, that hold space for people to be themselves and be heard. Because of the type of environment it is, we find that chatty or social characters do really well in this type of franchise. Those who love a good natter, remember information about people and really listen make the most incredible Mooeys franchise partners.

Marketing and PR – You need to be able to promote and talk about your business without being pushy. You need to integrate yourself within your community to encourage people to trust you enough to come in and try your salon out. You need to be well connected to local schools and be active on social media (this is something we strongly suggest you appoint someone in your team to do if it’s not your jam), and you need to be comfortable talking to local businesses to build connections and offer to collaborate.

Be Business Savvy – What I mean by this, is that you need to understand that it is a business and not a hobby. If you want your salon to thrive, you really have to look at the bookings, manage your availability (we will teach you all of this, don’t worry) and understand that your reputation is everything when it comes to driving your business. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising in the beauty industry, so when people tell their friends how amazing their experience was in your salon, you will soon get an influx of new clients all wanting to try you out.
You then need to have a consistent service offering (which comes from managing your team well) and a high rebooking rate (comes from team standards and training) in a great salon full of positive vibes for those clients to continue to want to come back.

So as long as you really give a sh**, then you will do brilliantly.

The average profit margin for a Mooeys salon is 12-16% of turnover depending on the year of trading and salaries which are your highest cost in your business.

Lucky for you, Amy is a profit margin queen, and her sidekick in business is a financial director – so you have plenty of people in your corner helping you with figures and making sure you are keeping a check on your profit.

Who Can Be A Franchisee?2023-10-12T22:34:26+01:00

Anyone can, and you don’t need experience in the Beauty industry. We are looking for people who give a sh**.
We want to partner with people who really care and love helping other people feel totally taken care of.

You can run your Mooeys salon in a management role where you manage the revenue, marketing, team and general operation. Or in a working therapist role where you do all of this aswell as carrying out treatments yourself. It is entirely up to you and we have a real mixture within our franchise network.

How Much Does A Mooeys Franchise Cost?2023-10-12T22:34:10+01:00

This is such a hard question to answer as it depends on so many factors.

From the size of your premises to the deposit your landlord is requesting and the fit out required to get the property to the Mooeys standards. Let’s say you are converting and existing salon that already has treatment rooms, air conditioning and great flooring.
Then the fit out will just be decorative and minimal – brilliant! I would say that these premises are super hard to come by though and definitely not the norm.

The ‘normal’ premies would require treatment rooms to be created which then needs carpentry work. They have carpet a lot of the time, so then you would need to put flooring down as you can’t wax on carpet – that would be a recipe for disaster!

So, there are lots of factors to consider, however we would say that you would need approx. 60k to get set up and open. This includes your fit out costs and your franchise fee.

Sometimes you may need a VAT loan to help you out at the beginning as all of your initial set up fees will have VAT on top generally. So you can get yourself VAT loans where the bank loans you enough money to cover the VAT initially and then as you start trading, you pay it back. If you want to learn more about funding and VAT loans – check out the FAQ on lending here.

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Franchising is accepted as the quickest and safest way to set up your own business. An established brand with proven systems and products provides the ideal launchpad – creating the perfect environment for you to quickly grow and develop your own profitable business.

If you are keen to own and operate your own business in the growing and profitable beauty market, with the constant support and encouragement that the Mooeys Franchise offers, send your details to Amy Lewis (amy@mooeys.co.uk) who will contact you to discuss this exciting franchise opportunity.

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