It’s an incredible industry to be part of as people really care about making others feel great – which is why they are in it in the first place.
The Beauty Industry is a very creative, fun, high energy and loving industry. You will be surrounded by people who love to make a difference, who love beautiful things and who really care about how a client is doing when they are treating them.
The Beauty world is also a really safe place for all, so no need to worry about ‘fitting in’ because everyone looks mega glamorous – they tend to be lovely, inclusive humans.
In Mooeys we tend to attract the creative caring types because of the treatments we do. Think more fun and chatty than holistic for sure.

But, just like any other industry..there are pockets of arseholes too! The types of arseholes who are judgemental, prickly and snooty.
Luckily for you (and us), none of them are in the Mooeys Herd as we have a very strict, no Arsehole policy. We work with incredible people who give a damn, who want to see you succeed and love nothing more than cheering you on.