This is such a hard question to answer as it depends on so many factors.

From the size of your premises to the deposit your landlord is requesting and the fit out required to get the property to the Mooeys standards. Let’s say you are converting and existing salon that already has treatment rooms, air conditioning and great flooring.
Then the fit out will just be decorative and minimal – brilliant! I would say that these premises are super hard to come by though and definitely not the norm.

The ‘normal’ premies would require treatment rooms to be created which then needs carpentry work. They have carpet a lot of the time, so then you would need to put flooring down as you can’t wax on carpet – that would be a recipe for disaster!

So, there are lots of factors to consider, however we would say that you would need approx. 60k to get set up and open. This includes your fit out costs and your franchise fee.

Sometimes you may need a VAT loan to help you out at the beginning as all of your initial set up fees will have VAT on top generally. So you can get yourself VAT loans where the bank loans you enough money to cover the VAT initially and then as you start trading, you pay it back. If you want to learn more about funding and VAT loans – check out the FAQ on lending here.