We always start with 5 years which is why we need to make sure we get on with each other. This is probably the most important thing as we will be working wit each other pretty closely initially, and then you will run off into the Mooeys sunset to run your salon, but we will always be in the sideline cheering you on, or at the end of a call to listen to you venting about a current situation you need to work through.

You can extend after 5 years for another 5 years providing both of us are happy with the way things are going. We don’t charge for renewal as we don’t think it’s fair to be honest. Also, your lease would normally be for 10 years, so it’s always quite nice if we can tie in your franchise agreement at the same time as your lease to keep it all clean and easy.
If you are wanting to continue with us and everything is going well, we want to you to succeed.
If you are successful then so are we!