When you become a franchisee, part of our contract is the right to trade using the Mooeys branding for the 5 years term of the agreement. All of our intelligent property (You will hear the terminology IP a lot in Franchising) is owned by Mooeys Franchise Limited. We have had a few trademarks in the past that were registered under Mooeys Limited, however they have mostly been moved over now. We will issue you a letter when we sign our franchise agreement to advise that any of the property owned by Mooeys can be used for Mooeys Franchise and Mooeys Franchise partners.

We have trademarked the shizzle out of everything, so you are fully protected against anyone setting up a business in the same name as yours. Our products, services and branding all have trade marks, so there will be no getting away with anyone trying to rip off our brand.
In fact, Amy is a proper mumma bear when it comes to IP of the Mooeys brand as it’s her (1st) baby and is super protective of who uses it and how the brand is represented or used.