Introduction:In the world of skincare, innovation is not just about effectiveness but also about responsibility. MOOSKIN’s ‘Buff’ body scrub exemplifies this philosophy, blending luxurious care with environmental mindfulness. Dive into the story of ‘Buff’ – a journey of expertise, innovation, and a deep commitment to our planet.

The Inspiration:The genesis of ‘Buff’ lay in our extraordinary Care oil, enriched by Amy’s vast experience in aromatherapy and with top spa brands. Understanding the vital role of exfoliation in enhancing the efficacy of moisturisers, we aimed to create a scrub that not only rejuvenates the skin but also maximises the benefits of our Soothe and Care products.

The Perfect Formula:Our initial formulations, though luxurious, were too oily. Striving for perfection, we reformulated to increase the salt content while retaining enough oil for optimal nourishment. The result is the ‘Buff’ you see today – a perfect equilibrium of luxury and functionality, crafted with love and care.

Eco-Conscious from Start to Finish:True to MOOSKIN’s environmental ethos, ‘Buff’ is a product of sustainable practices. Our pots are thoughtfully designed for reuse or recycling, aligning with our waste-reduction goals. The salt used in ‘Buff’ is fully dispersible, ensuring no harmful plastic particles pollute our waters. Moreover, we are excited about the prospect of offering a refill service for ‘Buff’, a step closer to our vision of complete sustainability. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

Conclusion:‘Buff’ isn’t just a body scrub; it’s a testament to MOOSKIN’s dedication to luxury, efficacy, and eco-responsibility. Each jar is a promise of quality and care, reflecting our commitment to you and the environment. We believe that once you experience ‘Buff’, you will feel the difference that conscientious skincare can make.

Embrace a skincare routine that cares for you and the planet with MOOSKIN’s ‘Buff’.