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Dreaming of Your Own Business Adventure? Discover the Mooeys Franchise Opportunity!

Ever imagined running your own business but felt overwhelmed by where to start or what to choose?

Mooeys might just be the answer you didn’t know you were searching for. Joining the Mooeys family as a franchise owner opens the door to not just owning a business, but thriving with one. It’s about embarking on a journey where independence meets unparalleled support, where your dream of entrepreneurship is nurtured every step of the way.

With Mooeys, you’re never on this adventure alone; it’s like having a guiding hand and a cheering squad, all in one. Dive into a world where owning your business becomes a vivid reality, all while being part of a community that’s as invested in your success as you are. Explore the possibility of making your entrepreneurial dreams come true with Mooeys, where we make business ownership accessible, joyful, and utterly fulfilling.

Who Is A Mooeys Franchise For?

For the career person who wants a side hustle, for the mum who wants something of our own, for the budding entrepreneur that knows they are capable of more, and for the awesome hands-on therapist, who knows they want a business of their own.

Tapping Into The Entrepreneur In You!

Have you always wants to be your own boss, create your own legacy, and have something of your own?

Franchising allows all of this, but with the safety net of being surrounded by people who want to see you succeed and help you throughout your entire journey.

Let Us Show You How!

Who Is


What Is Franchising?

What Makes Mooeys So Special Then?

What Franchise Options Are There?

What Makes A Good Franchisee?

How Do You Choose A Location?

How Much Does It All Cost?

Let’s Talk About The Process

What Support Do You Get?

Let’s Answer Some Of Your Questions

The beauty of a franchise is that you have always got your business mentor, or salon expertise on standby to help you every step of the way.

You don’t have to have all of the answers, we already do.

Amy Lewis, Mooeys Founder


Franchise Opportunity

To build on the success of the company, Mooeys Franchise Ltd. will now award franchises, in return for a franchise fee, to applicants who have the ability to replicate the Mooeys concept and can manage the overall business with passion, drive and enthusiasm.

You don’t have to be a qualified therapist; you just have to care enough about service. You can manage your business from the helm (also known as reception) – driving your business with marketing and customer service, while exceptional therapists deliver the treatments for you.

Mooeys will give you all of the tools and training you need to set you on the road to a successful and profitable business.

Key information

Location: Market Towns and Cities
Franchise Type: Management
Franchise Fee: £24,995
Management Service Fee: 5%
Total Investment: Approx. £60,000
(For a two treatment room salon, Dependent very much on premises)

Minimum Personal Investment: £24,000
Lending possibility of up to 60% of start-up costs via preferred banks if required.


Do I Get For My Money?

Setting up a business is a lot more work than people think – and to come up with your own USP is even harder.

With a Mooeys franchise, all of the hard work is done for you. You just need to source the premises, get the money together and kit it out – and even all of this is supported by us.

Below is a list of what you will receive as part of the franchise fee (there’s plenty more, but these are the main bits):

  • Use of the Mooeys brand
  • Assistance with business plans and forecasting
  • Full support package to assist you in sourcing furniture and all décor in line with our guidelines
  • Assistance with sourcing and agreeing on a premises, including negotiations and planning help
  • Recruitment support for advertising and actual recruitment
  • Creation of social media sites and campaigns to support your opening and initial stages of trading
  • Full management operations training
  • Staff treatment training
  • Team Uniform
  • Full marketing collateral package, including gift cards, treat cards, price lists and various other flyers and promotional materials
  • Have your location added to the Mooeys website
  • Google Business listing
  • Marketing campaign for launch weekend
  • Discounted products and training
  • Approved supplier list
  • Launch weekend support
  • Added to the Mooeys App and online booking system.
  • Full operations manual with a how-to guide to deliver the service, run the business, manage your stock etc
  • Preferential Banking with pre-authorisation for start-up loans, available for Mooeys franchisees

We will give you everything you need to open your salon doors to the public and start delivering something fun and unique.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Let’s Talk Support

Budgeting and Business Plans

A business plan is super important for all new businesses to do, so we will start with some research into the area you are choosing to put together a kick arse business plan. This will include a financial forecast for the first 3 years based on the property prices in that area. This can then be used to obtain funding if you need it as there are some awesome banks who love franchises, so will lend up to 60% of what you need.

Finding The Perfect Premises

Your pathway to success hinges on the perfect premises, and were here to make that journey a breeze! We’ll team up with you to unearth that ideal space, keeping in mind that patience is key. Our dedicated support includes, area scouting, communicating with agents, and accompanying you to site visits to ensure that you get the right deal.

Time For Design

Time for the fun part – decor design!
You can really put your own stamp on the design of your salon. Yes, we give you a brief with our guidelines in, however we want the salon to represent you as well. We will work with you on completing your dream salon that still fits the Mooeys vibe, but has a real sprinkling of your personality too.

Fit Outs

So we have sourced the premises, done all of the paperwork and designed the most epic looking salons – time for the actual fit out.
This can be pretty stressful but also super exciting as you will see your vision coming together. You will be responsible for sourcing trades people, however Amy has a few cracking contacts that can help you too.

Moo Recruitment

We know exactly what we are looking for when it comes to the perfect Moo or Manager of a Mooeys salon. This is completely our jam as we do this day in day out for our own salons, so let us lead the way. We will teach you about various qualifications and what you are looking for so you are set to recruit on your own in the future too.


With your herd fully recruited, it’s time for training. Mooeys has a dedicated nationwide training team, eager crew members to assist, and an exclusive management training program by Amy, tailored to ensure your Salon or Assistant Manager’s success.

Marketing and PR

Now it’s time to tell the world about your salon. We will do all the normal stuff like getting you set up on Google and our website, but we also want to get some local press to your launch too. We will be shouting about your launch from the roof tops, don’t you worry.

Salon Set Up

We’re almost there! Your salon is fully fitted, and your training team is ready to arrive. Everyone knows about your salon, and now it’s time to alleviate that last-minute setup stress. It’s at this moment when you realise you’ve forgotten bins or teaspoons. We’re here to swoop in, assist with setup, handle the shopping if necessary, and ensure you’re fully prepared and raring to go

Let’s Launch

Time to get your host on as you will be chatting a lot. The launch is normally over 2 days and we want to get as many people through your doors to come and have a look as possible. These days are full of incredible chats with your new community of clients. Your team will be carrying out treatments all day and you will soon get to hear the regular comment of ‘Thank goodness you are here, we really needed a salon like this in our town’.

Ongoing Operations

Don’t worry, we don’t ditch you when you are open. We will check in on you to make sure you and your team are ok, see if there are any additional training requirements since you opened and help you get your new salon out into the local area. We will pop by for a cuppa and a chat (like we need an excuse to do this) and we are only a call or email away to help with the many queries you have.

Running our own salons means we’ve already made the mistakes, saving you the time and aggro of repeating those errors yourself.

Amy Lewis, Mooeys Founder

Time For A Chat!

The best way to find out if Mooeys is the right fit for you, is to have a chat with Amy.
We aren’t interested in hard or pushy sales – but we do love a chat!

Amy can answer any questions you have about the Mooeys Franchise opportunity and anything else you have jotted down somewhere.

Let’s Do This!

Franchising is accepted as the quickest and safest way to set up your own business. An established brand with proven systems and products provides the ideal launchpad – creating the perfect environment for you to quickly grow and develop your own profitable business.

If you are keen to own and operate your own business in the growing and profitable beauty market, with the constant support and encouragement that the Mooeys Franchise offers, send your details to Amy Lewis ( who will contact you to discuss this exciting franchise opportunity.

We Sure DO Know What We Are Doing

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